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They're as follows When in battle, have your alchemist put the pointer at Mix command and punch X to access submenu of all available items. I hope I haven't introduced too many bugs with this latest update, so enjoy!

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They can be stacked 10 times for achieving maximum effect. There's 'hidden' 7th elemental type, called non-elemental type - this one is not affected by any type of element properties.

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Here are the main ones, which you're likely most familiar with. This is a mix with following attack properties - it is counted as magical attack, and often carries elemental properties, these being fire, ice, lightning, water, holy and gravity.

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Press X one final time. You're now prompted to select second, ie secondary ingredient for the mix.

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Anamax male enhancement Gem is Damage, Pri 1. You will see arrow pointer with '1' start flashing rapidly.

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Otherwise it may very well be other way around. Mixes can be divided in three categories: When in doubt, please re-read previous sentence again.

  • Priority 1 effect in that group is Sunburst.
  • Let's discuss how to read this sucker.

When it's finished, mix is unleashed. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise is wrong.

Jul 18, Be advised that only HP recovery and damage are affected, while MP recovery stays the same.

There are still some parts missing that will need to be filled in, but they can come later. When you have time in CH1, visit Mushroom road and find Clasko here. It will be listed after the description of mix effect, like in this following example: Status Inflicting Key Bits of info regarding status inflicting.

I've also added some Amazon links to try to raise some funds to keep this site alive - I hope I won't have to resort to advertising in the future, but we'll see.

The Priority of both items are compared. Normally fire based mixes deal damage per hit to target enemy. There are additional groups, but they're not as important and can't be worked out as easily. There's only one rule for Holy as the High Priority item: Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective companies.

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Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation of copyright law. What is the reason for creation of this guide? I've taken care of that 'unknown effect' stuff by this here guide you're reading. Read this first! Then we have mixes that revive girls if they are KO-ed.

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It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, it can't be given away with the game and so on. Be advised that only HP recovery and damage are affected, while MP recovery stays the same. Credits All who contributed There's no way for you to ever recover say MP by means of Mix command. Use the link above to list the game references hosted on this site.

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All of physical attack mixes have a chance for scoring critical, ie double damage. But let's say Coyote is immune to fire damage. Thank you! Elixir is Healing, Pri 2.

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Low Pri. I've left blank Mix Results that cannot be determined you'll see why in a moment.

  • Search section for game entries.
  • Type in the word you're looking for and you should be taken to it immediately.
  • Now every target on the battlefield will be targeted by lots of arrows.

BDL comes in three ways: For the sake of argument, we shall define the 'lesser' Groups as: For now, just have a Merry Christmas! In few words - you can't.

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This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Absolutely vital info you need to know!

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When in doubt, re-read previous sentence again. It isn't or more, never. We get the last effect Pri 4in fact, which is Blaster Mine. Latest Updates Read what was added in last update. Here are all the rules: Updates Page 1 of 6 Jul 18, The rest are unique to particular groups.

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In this case 'all girls can recover up to HP'. Rather than having this listed for every separate mix result, I'll include a short notice. In this case each hit of fire based mix would restore HP to Coyote. Highest damage you will be able to inflict in single hit is damage. Complete the mission 'Foggy Fiend Frenzy!

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In this case each hit of fire based mix would deal double damage to Coyote - damage!