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10 crucial recipes for surviving in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

You'll find these all over the map, with several of them requiring you to complete special Trials if you want to pick up the Runes required for some of the game's puzzles and boss encounters. Also, elixirs benefit from extra hearts and duration from adding food ingredients and spices.


This will partially restore the stamina wheel. Roasted foods stack in your inventory and heal 1. It's also ridiculously tough.

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When you get enough Spirit Orbs, find a goddess statue. Energizing Glazed Meat: By selecting a flint from your inventory, choosing to "hold" it, and then dropping it under the fire, you can restart the fire for cooking.

  1. Cooking with either a dragon part or a star fragment will also guarantee a bonus.
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Took cook items together, find a cooking pot the performer elite male enhancement pills hold all the items you want by selecting them in your inventory you'll get an option to hold themthen when returning to the game world you'll get a visual indicator to place them in the pot. This will temporarily give three extra heart containers. Hearty, Energizing, and Enduring recipes are special and do not generate a status effect.

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If you see a result that is better than it ought to be, it is likely because of this. If you want to make it through this entire adventure, you're going to have to earn more stamina increasing foods botw to make sure you've got the best Link possible.

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Hearty Salt-Grilled Fish: Besides the name and this requirement, elixirs receive the same additive bonuses as other recipes. Some ingredients can be used to restore health without cooking them; however, cooking them usually increases their effectiveness to create stamina increasing foods botw.

This will temporarily give Link four heart containers. Cooking with either a dragon part or a star fragment will also guarantee a bonus.

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Honeyed Fruits: Cooking an Apple in a pot yields a Simmered Fruit which restores. If you're not sure how to find a Shrine, scan the environment with your Sheikah Slate.

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Acorns and Chickaloo Tree Nuts are unique seasonings. This will give Link three extra heart containers for a small period of time. Nintendo More than just having your wits about you and taking a careful approach, you need to be a killer chef. Example 1: Some ingredients can be frozen by dropping them in icy water or on snow, or hitting them with an ice arrow or a White Chuchu Jelly blast.

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Hearty items provide yellow Heart Containers. Meat and Seafood Fry: The resale value of a recipe can be determined by adding their combined value, multiplying by 1. Breath of the Wild is a whole new beast when it comes to the Zelda series, and as such there are things to remember and take care of that you might not be used to — like staying warm or cooking food to eat.

This will temporarily give Link four extra heart containers.

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Sneaky Elixir: Breath of the Wild stamina: There are countless dangers in Hyrule to overcome. It's worth finding out how to kill Guardians and figuring out how to respec Link's health and stamina. Cooking 5 apples in a pot yields a Simmered Fruit which restores.

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This enhances cold resistance. Many food ingredients have special effects, such as stamina restoration or cold resistance. For example, two Barbarian armor pieces and a Mighty recipe with potency of 2 will cap out at 3. We've put together the 10 most important recipes for survival, whether you're trying to beat a tough boss or survive in a lightning storm.

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Details[ edit ] Most food ingredients can be cooked singly or together. Cook up spicy peppers to grant Link with "low-level cold resistance. Frozen foods will eventually thaw while in a normal-temperature zone. Contents [ show ] Cooking ingredients Cooking ingredients are materials used in cooking food. Cooking monster parts, such as Bokoblin Hornswith insects, reptiles, etc.

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Then, drop the held items into the cooking pot. Some ingredients such as mushrooms, herbs, and plants can be obtained while traversing Hyrulewhile other ingredients can be obtained by defeating enemies.

Food items are found growing on things applesby killing animals raw meat from killed boarsand by harvesting crops.

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But don't despair if you find as much. Hearty Steamed Whats edibles Cooking during a Blood Moon will also grant you a bonus.

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Some ingredients can be roasted by dropping them on a fire, hitting them with a fire arrow or Red Chuchu Jelly blast, and dropping them on very hot ground or in hot water.

To make meals that have large effects on Link, you must combine them into a pot and cook them.

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So we're channeling our inner Julia Child: