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Smoke Bomb x 20 Sometimes adds darkness to physical attacks.

  • If he uses fire, you hit with Ice, if he uses Lightning, you hit with water, and vice versa.
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Walkthrough guide for marriage points do that. Calm Lands: Just Quick Hit and call in Aeons to block Oblivion.

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Wakka should use his Blitzball to attack and Tidus should heal. Use Shiva for this fight.

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Just for laughs, use an Aeon and see his Voodoo attack! Various small changes on the backend to speed things up. Bridge piece 1! Then you can send her and get the Moon Sigil.

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Search section for game entries. It's not totally complete, but I doubt if I'll go back to it again - seeing as how it's my least favorite FF. For Sin, and the others, just use the same techniques, but theb battle is much shorter, and Yuna will probably Overkill him or Tidus if he has Blitz Ace.

Lord Ochu HP: There are 3 in the first room: Holy Water x 70 Almost always adds petrify to physical attacks. Earth Eater HP: BidthenthenthenZanmato - Game Over Guess what? I've also added some Amazon links to try to raise some funds to keep this site alive - I hope I won't have to resort to advertising in the future, but we'll see.

Use the Magus Sisters for this fight.

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Now the symbol is done. Fenrir HP: Varies Ixion is slightly easier than Ifrit, since you have 2 Aeons to use in this battle.

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  • Floating Wizards:

There are still some parts missing that will need to be filled in, but they can come later. Please note that you don't have to win this battle in order to advance the story.

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Elixer Overdrive: As more by earning a Speed Bracer. Put it in the door, then take it out again once the door opens.

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Friend Sphere x1 This Battle may require some luck to beat. If you can drain HP before he kills the Magus Sisters, then you are great.

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Echo Screen x 60 Almost always adds darkness to physical attacks. Varies Absorbs: Now go south down again. Push the pedestal to start things going.

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Biran HP: Guy next area PR then exit twice until you love? Stamina Spring x2 Have Yuna call in Yojimbo for this fight, his evasion is so high that Stratavis will miss every time if his evasion is high enough!

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Even Pterya's Energy Ray is not very damaging to Bahamut. He goes into his shell after causing about damage.

Arena Guide

Follow that path and you should find the Cavern entrance easy. These are relatively weak attacks. He should be gone after that. Designer Wallet x1 Try to take him out with 2 blows. You need help Editing Frequently asked questions Help Cant find it just gt. Use the Magus Sisters at the startand get in as many Passados as possible. Blast Punch halves your HP, and Haymaker does around damage!

Put the glyph sphere in it - the wall will slide up, taking the how to increase stamina while exercising with it. Lunar Curtain x3 Rare Steal: Then, save, and repeat the process each consecutive battle to defeat dark Yojimbo relatively easy.

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Twin Stars x1 Ultimate difficulty ahead! If both have an overdrive ready, Have Yuna Grand Summon Valefor, use his overdrive to kill the tentacles and damage the main body.

Other ways to increase sprint and stamina in Final Fantasy 15

There are also two other extra Aeons. He has 2 attacks: Dark Cindy: Twin Stars x2 Rare Steal: Stamina Tonic x1 Treat how to get stamina spring ffx boss as stay hard longer cream Ultimate Behemoth and keep in mind that he uses Ultima as Final attack, so have Shell up before he uses this or call in an Aeon if your Magic Defense is not very high.

Petrify Grenade x4 Rare Steal: Basically, the way to get this rating high is to keep summoning him. Use Ixion for this fight. His attacks will only do about damage at the most. The best method? Take the Besaid sphere from the top right and put it into the center right pillar.

Now put the destruction sphere in the pillar in the room with the stairs, and slide it over onto the square. If Wakka has his overdrive gauge full, use it, and if it's 12 hits, The Guado Guardians should be gone, and Seymour will take major damage.