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Obviously enough, Sumerian cannot be invoked from the simple reason that these tablets are not written in Sumerian despite the vivacious attempts trying to impose such a view. Maybe we will never be able to interpret all these signs and reconstruct their original meaning.

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The archaic bright triad, now giving light through the night of ages, dawn of history. Guy's claim that common animals do not figure in ancient Polynesian procreation chants is contradicted by the ancient Marquesan pu 'e, most important of all ancient Marquesan chants. In order to have a better perspective of the Old European writing system, which was precisely a religious system of symbols and graphemes, at a later stage even a syllabary, it is useful to make a brief analysis of the 9.

Guy's factual mistakes include: It is regrettable that not even later Vlassa and others could abandon such a rigid position regarding C44 method.

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This led to settled life in Greece before B. Despite its sacral nature, rongorongo was first and foremost a political statement, supporting those in power. Though some obscure points still persist after more than 25 years from the discovery at the site of Tartaria, the topic can be approached with more certainty and more promising perspectives.

Cretan civilization was a last expression of what we common causes of pitting edema term 'Old Europe' Gimbutas It is not a separate glyph, but an alloglyph. This is fully documented in my monograph Rongorongo see above. The goat also frequently appears in many modern creeds of southeast Europe as a symbol of fertility and annual renewal.

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The meaning of the symbol probably man power tabletters yet with Unfortunately S. In this sense, it is altogether remarkable that VI. If we attempt a general 'translation' of this image then we must xtra size pills price in winterthur here a dedication viewed as a succession of important stages: The decipherment In interpreting the symbolic or even syllabic values of the Vinca graphemes we must face major problems.

Few archaeological discoveries have provoked such a world-scale polemic discussions connected to both original xtrasize in philadelphia report and the important relations between the Orient and southeast Europe or Transylvania in prehistory.

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Marija Gimbutas for her constant support of any kind. To understand and decipher the beginnings of a syllabic writing system in Europe - which occurred in the Vinca-Turdag complex - would imply the comparative analysis of European syllabic systems historically attested, i.

The third tablet is of totally different type, showing a typical syllabic system of writing. Every rongorongo scholar in the world but Jacques Guy and Irina Fedorova has understood the vertical line on the Santiago Staff to be a vertical line, not a separate glyph. But is the situation really desperate?

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Maybe a more correct question would be: Some other examples of cave art have been found in Romania during the last two decades, though to date none - except Cuciulat - can be surely ascribed to Upper Palaeolithic. Masson seems correct: It is understandable now that the three tablets have been paid perhaps too much attention. On the other hand, we can be now sure that the origin of Cretan or Cypriot syllabaries can be traced back to 'Old European' graphemes Paliga The Easter Island Scriptacknowledging the contributions of all earlier scholars.

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Unfortunately there are no radiocarbon dates for the Turdaj fades of the Vinca complex. Mamari is apparently a collation of different genres. This evidently was effected to invoke a mana, a spiritual power, in order to validate the higher social orders to whom rongorongo was restricted.

That the rongorongo script of Easter Island is of recent provenance end of the 18th century is the conclusion reached in my exhaustive documentation using all available sources, which Guy fails to cite. Guy fails to cite this work, though even in my much earlier articles I had announced the forthcoming publication of this monograph and stipulated that my claims were predicated on this detailed documentation.

The scholars who were accustomed to see any cultural manifestation in pre-historic Europe as simple borrowings from the East should abandon such a view.

The tablets of Tǎrtǎria. An enigma ? A reconsideration and further perspectives

Masson interprets this last division as containing a head of animal and the 8-like sign Masson All these ways of understanding and interpreting the various civilizational phenomena in Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe, mainly as influences from the Orient seen titan gel for sale in geelong as ethnic movements in toto or as trade or know-how impulses are titan gel asli batam by the more and more numerous group of common causes of pitting edema who base their work on radiocarbon dates, comparative analysis of cultures developed in Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe e.

The contents of the rongorongo tablet Mamari consist not merely of a lunar calendar of some sort, as Guy writes, but also of other texts as well; among these, there also figure procreation items that occur on other tablets.

Furthermore, some 20 or 30 It also occurs in unpublished Rapanui manuscript material from the s and s, where it stands both prepositi- vely and postpositively: Hood's manner of solving this topic is not isolated. The symbolism of 'three' has been recently reviewed in Gimbutas Vlassa never resumed the excavations - initially made in and by Kurt Horedt - and to date no other archaeologist has assumed this task.

The Easter Island Script.

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Finally, in its usage the rongorongo does not resemble any other known script in the world, contrary to what Guy alleges. The division into four compartments also indicates a ritual meaning.

If we refer to the often invoked Oriental influences and influxes into Europe, we must now admit that food production the impulse of the 'Neolithic revolution' did come from the Orient around 7, B.

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Arab influence on the European Medieval thought did not lead to the Arabization of Europe, on the contrary. In prehistory things probably happened similarly: We must have no illusion that to understand and interpret the meaning of Neolithic graphemes is an easy task.

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These questions are too important and complex to be put down or disconsidered on the ground that they might be uncomfortable. Despite the positive results already available e. Opinions, discussions, and radiocarbonists The discoverer of the Tartaria tablets was the first to suggest the Sumerian origin of these inscribed artifacts - both in the report and later, in written studies and in discussions with various specialists from Romania or abroad.

The data available so far indicate that Vinca symbolism and graphemes are not a token system as recently analyzed in the case of some Oriental artifacts Schmandt-Besserat ; If food production and animal domestication did come from Anatolia into Europe around 7, B.

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Warmful thanks are due to Dr. In no way should we understand kurganization as a total destruction of previous cultural achievements. Indeed all these facts show that the Vinca writing system did not emerge and develop anachronically but as a logical manifestation of the social context in which it was used.

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I have identified that most, but certainly not all, procreation items in the rongo- rongo inscriptions segment into three glyphs. Anyway, it is really discouraging that we do not know which phonetic values are correct and which are not. To continue on this way is to ignore evidence I hypothesize it was associated with fertility and seeds as the rest of the image suggests. And such examples may continue.

Given the circumstances, an accurate chronological position is so far impossible 1 ; yet this is not the only and most important aspect.