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List of causes of gender based violence.

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The effects can be devastating and long lasting. How could they involve children in making changes for the future? By working to develop alternatives to the situations above, your community can prevent women from becoming locked into abusive relationships and the cycle of violence.

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Because men and women are taught to believe it is a woman's job to obey. Many girls skip school on market days to sell alcohol in bars and discos, exposing themselves to risks of sexual abuse. It includes any act or threat by anyone or institutions that inflict physical, sexual, or psychological harm on a woman or girl because of their gender.

Gender based violence: Causes, Types, Effects and Solutions

This makes it extremely difficult for them to leave their abuser, as there is no place for them to go [1]. She never answers back. When a woman loses her husband, one of his male relatives may demand sexual favours or steal her property. Rape occurs in homes and community and can happen to people of all ages, educational levels, religious and sexual orientation.

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Gender based violence: Causes, Types, Effects and Solutions – CENGOS

Based on the answers to these questions, the group may be ready to plan some specific actions. Women who are abused: The elderly, mentally and physically infirm are often preyed upon due to their vulnerability.

Alcohol abuse is directly linked with increases in domestic violence. What beliefs about gender teach men and women to think that violence against women is OK? When girls are forced by poverty to work as maids in local houses male householders may sexually abuse them or coerce them into marriage.

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This is usually in the form of sexual tourism defined by UNICEF as existing when affluent men travel during holidays from advanced economies to some less economically developed regions to have sex with women and young girls aged below eighteen. Violence in communities: To prepare for the next 2 activities, you may want to read about Gender, power, and health.

Women in violent relationships usually learn to expect — and even plan for — each part of the cycle. Activity More powerful vs.

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  • GBV occurs in various settings and can be classified as follows:

FGM has no known benefit but inflicts intense pain, bleeding, painful menstruation, infections and trauma. In schools, social and civic studies should be broadened to include GBV to enable young people develop positive life styles that promote health living and social relations. Activity "Happy ending" role plays to think about change Ask the groups that role-played each situation to meet separately again for 15 minutes and discuss how each character could have acted differently so the situation would not end in violence.

One woman said: You might conclude by asking what would happen in each situation if the man did not use violence.

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Moreover, during the past few years the political and economic participation of women in Armenia has decreased. Bad socioeconomic conditions, growing poverty and social polarization. Calls to non-profit organizations' hotline services have been increasing every month.

Structural and Cultural Causes of Gender-Based Violence in Armenia | Feminism and Gender Democracy

InArmenia was ranked 84th. Understanding the causes of gender-based violence Roselidah Ondeko and Susan Purdin ondeko-purdin. Finally, nearly one-third of households in Armenia are headed by women. Basic targets of gender equality are yet to be achieved and engagement of women in political, economic, and public life remains limited.

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Girls as young as ten may be forced into marriage. The data collected has been important for redesigning, monitoring and evaluating the programme. Only a few comprehensive surveys have been conducted in the past jual titan gel gresik years.

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Because he thinks it is her duty to obey him, not go to meetings. Main causes of GBV Only basic necessities are provided to camp residents. She was burned to death because her husband was a jealous man.

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Act out each situation again, this time changing what happens so it ends without violence. This practice varies from partial or total removal of the external genitalia to the narrowing of vaginal opening. They learn to be violent if they are treated with violence or taught that violence is a proper way to use masculine power. Male children are not born to be violent.

See Make an action plan.

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The cycle of violence When a relationship becomes violent, the first attack may seem like an isolated event. Analyze the causes of violence.

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Tents are grossly overcrowded and at night parents in search of privacy may send away teenagers to spend the night with neighbours or relatives, thus exposing them to sexual exploitation.

One of the main contributing factors to gender-based violence in Armenia still remains strong in culturally rooted gender stereotypes about the role of men and women in society. It is a violent and humiliating assault.

The contributing factors of such comprehensive phenomena can be divided into two main categories: In marriages where the age difference is great, levels of domestic violence also tend to be high. Male domination is also manifested in people's desires to have been born as a man or as a woman.

Some people call these reasons "triggers," because they can "set off" a man in a certain situation.

Understanding the causes of gender-based violence | Forced Migration Review

Ask the participants to brainstorm the groups of people in the community who have the most power. When boys and girls gather together for church attendance and choir practice, many linger and do not immediately return home.

It may be easier for men to understand the harm and injustice suffered by women if their own experiences of powerlessness and violence are also recognized.

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The surveys' results emphasise the need for: The majority of abused women are unemployed or earn a very low income; many do not own property. A similar finding has been noted in Armenia. Why do women stay? Abuse could also be sexual and psychological.

Forms of gender-based violence | EIGE

Then ask whom each of these powerful groups has power over. When women go out to collect firewood or to do casual labour to supplement family incomes they may be abused. In Kiryandango, where refugees have access to land, alcohol abuse is rampant in October, November and January when the refugees are able to generate a bit of income by selling the food they harvest.