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Sapling Intelligence wants to be a Grammarly for the enterprise. Hundreds of millions of people will need to change jobs in the coming years. World leaders need easy-to-access, understandable data on issues like CO2 emissions or child mortality to make decisions.

Bottomless automatically restocks your coffee supply using an internet-connected scale which members place under their bag of coffee grounds.

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Heart Aerospace: Using the app, an electric vehicle owner can quickly identify an available and compatible charger and EV charger owners can earn cash sharing their charger at their own price and their own schedule. Removes CO2 from the air to make gasoline.

Convictional wants to speed things up by building a B2B self-service commerce platform that allows retailers to easily approach brands and make orders.

  • They intend to have their first launch on May 9th.
  • They intend to have their first launch on May 9th.

We previously covered Doorport on TechCrunch here. Dockup, which launched this month with four paying customers, will reduce these staging headaches. Glide lets customers easily create well-designed mobile apps from Google Sheets pages.

We covered Jetpack Aviation on TechCrunch previously here. The co-founders want their product to fill in the shortcomings of ESPN and existing social media services. Since it gains student contact info and grades, AccioJob can become the gateway to the best Indian college grads as more students from the country begin to enroll. The company is building ultra-thin flexible bluetooth trackers that are build into labels that can be affixed to products.

The startup is already live in 5 countries. Our World In Data: Lumos says it has more potential business opportunities based off understanding what studies and info doctors trust, and having access to them at critical decision points during treatment. The startup sells the carbon nanotubes, which are stronger and lighter than steel, at lower prices to aerospace, battery, concrete and other manufacturers.

Loonify Space: A bespoke launch system meant specifically for carrying small satellites into orbit.

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Their product is a browser extension that sits on top of products like Zendesk and Salesforce. Debugging is very expensive and time-consuming for data engineering teams. A balloon carries rocket to 35km and launches it mid-air. Bento Club: The service is currently live in the Bay Area.

A manufacturer of autonomous robots for supermarkets in China to help brands promote and advertise their products in stores. After launching just two weeks ago, users have collectively run 55, tests with PreFlight.

Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1 – TechCrunch

The company says its jet motorcycle is capable of getting from SF to Mountain View in ten minutes, and fits in a one-car garage. Titan gel buatan rusia, the incubator prepares to shift its headquarters from Mountain View to San Francisco.

Unicorn rents scooters by the week or month and is already profitable. In the two months since it launched, the company has signed contracts with Rappi, Gametime and others.

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The startup launched the app last week with exclusive shows from eight creators, including YouTubers Boogie and Jack Vale, who each have millions of followers on YouTube. A wearable for monitoring fetal health, measuring heart rate and baby movements. Schoolable is creating an invoicing app that helps ensure parents make payments on time, while also using the app to save directly for tuition.

Operates an online sales academy that teaches job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds the skills and training they need to pursue a career in tech sales. Cuanto is building a payment product for Latin American businesses selling their goods on WhatsApp and Instagram, a sales pipeline that 80 percent of businesses there focus on.

Right now, their course is paid for directly by colleges for students.


Datamode was started by repeat founders, including a co-founder of Movity, which sold to Trulia in Atomic Alchemy: A drop-in, easier to manage alternative to WordPress. Deel handles the contracts, payments, and taxes in one interface to eliminate paperwork and wasted time. We previously covered Brew on TechCrunch here.

The company is planning to use the data they yield from sellers to facilitate loans to businesses in Latin America. PerShop gets smarter as people use it to buy or just for entertainment. Keeper uses machine learning to automatically find tax write-offs inside the bank statements of users.

Convictional helps direct-to-consumer companies approach larger retailers more simply.

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Ultralight says it will be compatible with most programming languages. It stores your data locally rather than in the cloud, and keeps track of all tracking numbers. PreFlight is trying to fully automate UI testing and eliminate the need for companies to hire specifically for QA. Cancer biopsies can take a week to get you your results.

Currently supports overShopify stores.

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Reelables is looking to ensure that enterprise companies lose fewer of their products. A task manager that integrates with SaaS tools like Trello, JIRA and Asana to help workers identify and manage the tasks they should be working on a specific day. Synova Life Sciences: Demodesk is making a screen sharing tool to help companies reshape sales by demoing products directly for customers.

Boundary Layer Technologies: The startup is targeting mechanical engineering students with a set of online courses that can make up for outdated college curriculums. Releaf is building machinery to help African food factories operate more efficiently.

Cherry is an office perks solution titan gel for men store in vietnam the modern startup.

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Looking around corners is one of the most dangerous parts of war for infantry. It offers Instagram-style posting tools, but the intimacy leads to comment threads that feel more like WhatsApp chat.

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There has been a pretty major trend towards services that make it easier to build web pages or mobile apps. The company says they have 24 companies in paid pilot programs. Traverse uses software to identify potential sites for wind and hydro power generation.

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The provider of a furniture rental marketplace in India, CityFurnish delivers and installs furniture to customers in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore for a monthly rental fee, offering free relocation and free maintenance services. But five of the six reactors that generate this nuclear medicine are set to shut down in the next 10 years. Our World In Data takes key findings from studies buried in paid journal articles and jargon, and put them on an open access website that has achieved top Google ranking for many queries.

Jetpack Aviation: Edit note: Basilica says its transfer learning method allows businesses to create accurate AI with just 1, data points instead of 1 million. With a CEO who was a Navy Seal who went on to study computer science plus experts in augmented reality and selling hardware to the Department Of Defense, Ravn could deliver the inevitable future of soldier heads-up displays.

The company says that competitor data is limited because their users are mostly white. Instapath Inc: A subscription-based podcasting app tackling the podcast monetization problem. If something goes wrong but goes undetected, the robots can physically destroy themselves.

NaturAll Club wants you to refrigerate your haircare products.

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We previously covered Bottomless on TechCrunch here. The company helps smallholder farmers in Nigeria access crowdfunded loans to help grow their crops, as well as help them sell their produce. Enterprise apps run slow and it can be tough to find files or messages across them.

Enemy on Board: Modoo Technology: Bensen wants to replace the drive-thru window by allowing how to get penis enlargement to receive orders via voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa in the car. Flower Co. Over the course of six years, the company has developed and patented a production process to synthesize carbon nanotubes from CO2.

This eliminates agonizing waiting periods and can get users treated more quickly. Socrates Intelligence: Unlike Instagram, the startup lets athletes charge for access to their live-streams. Mission Stage Where to buy male extra pills in san jose Robotics: Started by a third generation freight forwarder, Nowports could succeed where US companies lack the required local understanding.

Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1

Trade loans for exporters in India. By focusing on Africa, the company can help detect and identify DNA markers that might otherwise go overlooked. The founders have decades of experience building application platforms for Docker and other businesses.

It already has 2 licenses making it legal in countries and is in talks with US regulators to earn 7 percent transaction fees when people bet. Seawise Capital: The airliners hold 19 passengers.

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  • It stores your data locally rather than in the cloud, and keeps track of all tracking numbers.
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Doctors use Google 40X more than professional tools for finding medical information, but Google is full of ads and results are meant for patients not doctors. Brew currently has creators on its waitlist.

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Trexo Robotics is developing a solution that gives those diagnosed with cerebral palsy a better solution than a wheelchair. Whereas past attempts required massive distillation columns, founder Rob McGinnis says he was working with carbon nanotube membranes when he discovered a cheaper way to do it with much less real estate.

Traverse Technologies: They currently have around cars on the street, with 3, rental requests this year.

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  2. Bottomless automatically restocks your coffee supply using an internet-connected scale which members place under their bag of coffee grounds.
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Programming apps based on design mockups can be tough internally, but expensive and hard to maintain if outsourced. Basement is designed for college students and grads to just add their best friends.

An application development platform for Kubernetes that helps developers to quickly iterate and improve their test decision time by 4x. The startup, which employs a team of robotics experts, says people are 7x more likely to purchase a product from a robot than in-store sales help.

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In Latin America, signing documents requires tedious identity verifications. The company says they currently have 5 units deployed and are approved for use in the U.